Welcome to “Worlds and Lives Ridiculously Under Stress”

This is a Savage Worlds campaign that starts in a setting. If you have seen the American TV Show “Terra Nova” you have a very very rough idea of where we are starting. Forget plot lines and characters from the show, as the bare basics of the setting match this campaign. Things will be very different many things look familiar.

Just remember this is only the start of a journey that hopefully will take you to an experience you’ve never had in a role playing game.

Please be warned this is a “Thinking Player’s Game” so please think of your character from a ROLE-play standpoint, and not just something built purely mechanically with the expectation of combat being 95% of the game. There will be plenty of opportunities for “violence to ensue” but the actions of the player’s characters will decide how much.

I can only give out certain information on what’s going on – mainly because of the nature of the campaign. If I don’t give a specific answer to a question, it is pretty much because the answer would be a huge spoiler.

Basically at its core it is “Science Fiction”, of course with plenty of elements drawn from a host of genres. The start is in the setting of the TV show “Terra Nova” but you have no idea from there where you’ll end up or what your character will be.

The concept and plot of this campaign spans quite a bit in the realm covered by “sci-fi”, with the overriding plot eventually being revealed – just as the campaign takes another jolting turn on the roller coaster of fun being prepared for the players.

All that is asked of the players is a bit of flexibility when the answer to a question is “You don’t know that at this time”.

I learned to GM running 1eAD&D for 10 people at a time each running 2 characters. Over the years I have run close to 100 four-plus hour long sessions at conventions let alone my regular games. The secret, as in any RPG session, is the GM and the Players staying on task paying attention and ready to roll.

Right now the game will be on Tuesday Evenings, 6:00 pm (1800 hrs) PST.

I’ll be running this campaign at . I have the Mentor level subscription which means I have tons of lovely tools at my disposal.


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