1. Using the Savage Worlds Deluxe rulebook (SWD) make a Novice level character, standard 5/15 etc.

  2. A short background description etc. would be welcome all as an aid to the GM.

  3. All players will be Human, gaining the one bonus Edge.

  4. This campaign is sci-fi with a d6 is “human average” for Abilities and Skills

  5. “Guts” skill is now a “Spirit” roll, anything modifying a Guts roll will apply.

  6. See Gear & Weapons for guidance on gear.

  7. The GM reserves the right to, and will be, changing out one set of pre-gens for another as the campaign progresses

    • Nothing involving spells, potions, casting, Arcane Backgrounds, Psionics are allowed.
    • A list is being compiled of all the Edges & Hindrances that are available to use from in any rule or setting book published by PegInc.
    • A head’s up: The Weird Edges “Beast Bond” and “Beast Master” are not permitted.
    • If a player isn’t sure about an Edge or Hindrance or how certain combinations might work in this campaign, PM the GM.
    • Smarts vs Spirit – Smarts: Pure knowledge, Spirit: Ability to use that knowledge, and your strength of character (like resisting someone attempting to say force you to steal something/torture you)
    • This is a “Thinking Player’s Game” so please think of your character from a ROLE-play standpoint, and not just something built purely mechanically with the expectation of combat being 95% of the game.
  10. Post the char to Myth Weavers and post the complete links in the thread Character Sheet Links in the campaign area on

If you have any questions just PM the GM.


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