if you are familiar with the tv series “Terra Nova” and life as portrayed in the year 2147, particularly the pilot episode, then purchasing starting gear is relatively simple.

The standard of living is high tech compared to today but overall it is still pretty much a bleak existence. Food is plentiful but fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat are scarce for those without money and means. Entire families live in small one room apartments

Citizens chosen as colonists make the journey may have personal clothing, small tool kit, personal tablet, laptop, etc. everything has to fit into a single backpack.

Weapons, especially firearms, swords, etc. are not available to the general populace and definitely banned from being brought through except in the secure supply shipments following the colonists. Weapons will be issued after arrival, orientation attended, and duty assignment is received.

EDGES affecting starting funds:
Since almost all needed gear will be issued by the colony, any edge that gives an increases starting funds will not be of any real use at character generation.


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